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It’s really sad that today’s kids are more comfortable and love the air-conditioned closed playrooms than playing and falling on swings outdoors.
Children at a very young age are spending more time immersed in screens, tablets and smartphones. They are therefore not exposed to fun filled outdoor play- swings, hopscotch, fun and silly outdoor running games. Particularly in early childhood brain is developing fast and is sensitive to environmental input. Too much of screen time at early ages can impede the development of cognitive, social and physical development. Unfortunately increase use of screen time is an easy way for a child to spend their day. So the question is if my child loves and learns easily with my smartphone what is the problem?
1.The problem is with too much screen time children are not able to play with their peers, interact or sleep. It is displacing face-to-face interactions with family and friends.Kids don’t prefer to play with traditional toys like blocks, snakes n ladders instead play with technological toys.
For babies under 2 years, should not be exposed to any kind of screen time. Technological puzzles and games look attractive but physically holding a block or sorting shapes are beneficial. One should restrict screen time for toddlers 2- 5yrs. A “real world” playtime is any day better than watching best of cartoons. Children like to copy their parents and grandparents, so a best way would be to restrict your screen time when you are with children.
Tips on how to curtail screen time:
 Have few days in a week with no screen time. Try and do it yourself with the kids.
 You may have many fun filled activities instead :
A lovely painting/ art session with your toddler. Choose from our array of Craft DIY kits….. (link)
 Reading a book together is a perfect way spend the evening. Encourage them to tell their own version to story.
 Role play activities are are also fun and help them to build their
imagination skills.
 Cleaning up their room together.
Should you make your Child eat in front of TV?
Eating is not only about calories. Paying attention to what you are eating gives satisfaction and hunger pangs. But yes, some parents would be happy feeding their anything while watching their Ipads. Kids seem to have no idea how much are they eating. I know the kids might eat but the downside is kids associate mealtime with TV.
Add some fun element by eating together on a mat. Make food look pleasing making a smiley with the pasta . Another replacement to TV if your child insists could be books and puzzles. Eat with your child. Children would watch and start eating with you. IT IS ALSO A GOOD WAY OF BONDING WITH YOUR FAMILY.
Getting them involved in making food or laying the table could be also a great way to help them get involved.
Ashima Khaitan

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