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Sometimes all your kid needs is his/her own Alice in Wonderland moment. Their own world of fantasies, a world where the bar of chocolate never finishes, where toys appear magically everywhere, and where rooms are made up of icecreams! After all, what’s a childhood without dreams. What if you could fill up their room walls with their fantasies! Decal stickers by Kidoz help you do just this. Imagine your child waking up to a sight of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Or a her favourite Princess staring right at her when she’s busy studying. Kidoz wooden wall decals might just be the best gift to give your child. It’s just about pulling off the sticker and placing on the wall, and your child’s room could be full of all that he/she dreamt of. You could even get your decals personalised. Just send us a picture and we’ll make your decal sticker. And guess what, it’s reusable too! Better still, you can recreate the same magic in school too. So, all those teachers who’ve been racking their brains for innovative ways to teach children, here’s one. You could just put decals of the alphabets, fruits, vegetables or even tables! Learning has never been so much fun.

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